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I was so thankful to get an honest opinion…

“Working construction for the past 3 decades really beat up my body. I had really bad low back pain which went down my right leg. Worst of all though was the burning in my right hand that woke me up every night. This had been going on for over 8 years but had gotten severe over the past year or so. My friend who had the same problem in her hands told me to go to VSWC. She got great results in just a few weeks. So, I made an appointment with Dr. Villani. He examined me and suggested that I have a nerve test to determine the extent of any nerve damage. It turned out that I had very bad carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists, probably from many years of hard labor. Unlike my friend, my right hand was to the point where conservative care couldn’t help me. So, Dr. Villani encouraged me to see a hand surgeon. I had surgery on my right wrist a few weeks later and haven’t had any hand issues since. It’s really good to be able to sleep through the night. I was so thankful to get an honest opinion from Dr. Villani. Because of that, I decided to let him treat my low back problem. I’m pleased to say that I haven’t had any leg pain in over 3 months now and my back feels great! All of the treatments at VSWC feel so good. I leave there feeling like a new man every time.”

Doug K.
West Orange, NJ