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Constance Fraisure, RN, LA.c


I was in the third class to graduate from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York City in 1996 where I studied both acupuncture and Chinese herbology. Yan Wu, MB/MS was my most influential teacher in Chinese Medicine. I was licensed in New Jersey in 1997.

Prior to attending PCOM, I had completed pre-med coursework and planned to go to medical school. The work of Moische Feldenkrais, PhD, Thomas Hanna, PhD, John Upleger, DO, Janet Travell, MD, Ida Rolf, PhD, Fritz Smith, MD inform my approach to the body.

I had been active in various martial arts for over 10 years and took a number of heavy break-falls. In aikido and judo I injured a shoulder and both knees. I had developed tendinitis and pain which responded well to acupuncture.

My practice is directed toward injury rehabilitation, pain and stress reduction. I also address skin conditions, as the skin is the body’s largest organ it reveals the general health of a person. Insomnia, scars, sleep problems, seasonal allergies all respond well to acupuncture, gua sha/Graston techniques, cupping, and electrical stimulation. My approach to treatment is integrated with principles of neuroscience and immunology.

I became a registered nurse because nursing continues to be the most trusted profession, and it offers a solid foundation in clinical care. I apply much of what I learned in science and nursing to my acupuncture practice.

The greatest satisfaction I get from my job is seeing a person’s face brighten and relax after a session. Improved quality of life and optimism are wonderful!