Verona Spine & Wellness added acupuncture therapy to it’s arsenal in May of 2013 and since starting with that care we have added a whole different chapter in healing and getting people back on their feet and out of pain.


Acupuncture is based on the principal that our body’s life force or vital energy called (qi) circulates along meridians pathways of energy.   If this flow of energy gets blocked, the blockage of energy can lead to pain, imbalance, illness, and decrease in overall function.  Acupuncture therapy can release these blocked function or qi in the body to improve the body’s functions and promote natural self healing process by stimulating specific anatomical sites or acupuncture points.


Many patients find that acupuncture is extremely relaxing and soothing prompting many to fall asleep during during treatments.

Your first visit to us will be longer than others visits in order to take a full history of your complaint (45-60 minutes). Subsequent visits are based upon the discretion and treatment protocol of our acupuncturist but can be as little as 15 minutes long and going up to 45 minutes long.

We accept all major insurances and we will find out if your specific health insurance plan covers acupuncture care.

Recovery or results varies greatly from person to person but the majority of our past patients feel relief and a sense of calmness immediately after the very first session. For injuries and pain reduction as well as other long historical issues may take longer. All treatment protocols are based upon personal history and discretion/experience from our licensed acupuncturist.